Elite Mentoring

An individualised program supporting executive professional development, which in turn has immediate and lasting focus on player, team and club development. The aim of the elite mentor program is to provide a safe and confidential environment, and an opportunity to:

  • reflect on, and extend on, own practice by engaging in high-level, skill-appropriate conversation through which to gain advice and guidance
  • focus on achieving specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound (SMART) goals
  • widen one’s understanding of the organisation and the way it works
  • open networks, develop professional relationships and in turn career pathways
  • become a mentor, themselves, to support peer development, if specifically wanted, create another revenue stream.

World Soccer Partners has an incredible network of highly qualified elite professionals that have worked at all levels and in all areas of football. As part of this confidential program, we would have an initial one-on-one (virtual) meeting with the mentee to learn more about them and their short-, medium-, long-term goals, and what areas (if known) they specifically want to build their skills in. We would then introduce them to a mentor, whose skillset would align to the mentee’s needs, and from where the mentoring would begin.

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