Player Development, Pathways and Assessment

We provide two key types of player development services:

  • Group clinics to support player development
  • Individual Development, Pathways and Assessment

Group Development, Pathways and Assessment 

We utilise our elite coaching pool to work with organisations including clubs, schools and sporting academies to provide professional clinics, player education, development and pathways, including player assessment (testing and tracking). We usually work with whole teams a minimum of twice per year (during pre-season and mid-season), providing the opportunity to also support coach education of the team’s coach and assist with areas of focus at the same time.

Individual Development, Pathways and Assessment 

Navigating the complex world of football and knowing who to trust when providing opportunities for talented players, including defining player pathways, can be confusing for parents, caregivers and coaches alike. For this reason, we work with individual players and their families to provide guidance and personalised player pathways.

It is not uncommon for families to pay large sums of money for their child to go overseas unfortunately under false pretenses that they will ‘be scouted’; unfortunately, this money, if not solely spent to give players a great experience, are often wasted. Our experience, research and conversations with industry professionals across elite European clubs have highlighted the unique needs of players coming to Europe for the first time, including the need to take the time to focus on developing game awareness and adjusting to cultural nuiances.

We have developed a unique program to support the pathways of talented players wanting to develop their game and create a pathway particularly to Europe.  As part of this program, we get to know the player, their personality both on and off the pitch, their playing style and passion for the game. We observe them in a game situation and get to know their strengths and weaknesses. We learn more about their family environment, circumstances and situation, before taking the time to meet with them and their caregivers to discuss the best individual pathway for them, so that they can confidently, professionally and passionately engage in the sport at their potential.

If the player is good enough for a player exchange/opportunity in Europe, we leverage our personal elite networks (across different divisions and countries), meaning that the pathway reflects the individual ability of the actual player, and the host club is open to support the pathway opportunity.

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